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Free Fiction Feature April 2021 | Legends of Lasniniar: Making Waves

What is the Free Fiction Feature?

About a year ago, when the world became all topsy-turvy, I started posting one of my stories for free each month over on my multi-genre website. At the beginning of each month, the previous month’s story got taken down and another one went up. (Inspired by insanely prolific author, Kristine Kathryn Rusch’s Free Fiction Mondays feature.)

Most of the stories I posted were fantasy (since I have a lot more of them), but every so often, I would rotate in one of my mystery adventures for a month. After some thought, I’ve decided it makes more sense to break this feature out onto my genre-specific websites instead.

What does this mean? Well, first off, this website now has a blog feature, which it didn’t have before, so I’ll likely start posting updates on my fantasy projects here as well, and use my multi-genre site as more of a roundup that points back to here and my mystery site. But in much more exciting news, this means I’ll be posting a fantasy story here every month, with no mystery stories taking up slots in the rotation.

(Site Note: If you’re also a fan of mystery, feel free to check out my mystery Free Fiction Feature, which will run at a slower pace of one story for a month of each quarter. So during the months of April, July, October, and January, I’ll have two free stories available–one fantasy, and one mystery.)

Sound good? Let’s get started with an Iarion misadventure…

Legends of Lasniniar Making Waves coverDeep sapphire, flecked with silver. Iarion’s eyes mark him from any elf ever born.

A strange, physical anomaly? Or a sign of his unique condition? Even after thousands of years spent wandering the lands of Lasniniar, the answer continues to elude him.

…Now Iarion’s eyes sweep the harbor of the Sea Elves in the hopes that his ship might finally come in.

In the epic fantasy World of Lasniniar series by award-winning author Jacquelyn Smith, this stand-alone story explores an adventure from Iarion’s deep past, before he becomes a hero of legend.

Now, you can read it for free on this site for one month only. This short story also comes in ebook and paperback format–both on its own, and as part of the Kinslayer Lasniniar Collection.

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Legends of Lasniniar: Making Waves

Jacquelyn Smith

Iarion stood on the pier as he had every morning for the past few weeks, his face turned toward the rolling waves of the ocean. A salt-scented breeze caught at his long, silver braids, setting them dancing around his shoulders. The breeze carried a dampness with it that misted his dusky skin. He ignored all this to strain his eyes toward the north-eastern horizon—the direction of Rasdaria.

He wasn’t alone, of course. Just like every other morning since the beginning of his vigil, it seemed that every elf living in the Forest of the Sea had turned up to crowd around him, each jockeying for their own position until the tension was palpable. A few spoke to one another in Elvish in hushed voices. The only other sound was the pounding of the surf against the beach. The Sea Elves’ forest loomed behind them—a host of ancient trees that seemed to stand a vigil of their own.

Is there any point in watching today?

Iarion asked himself this question every morning he had come to stand on the pier. Part of him was afraid that if he didn’t show up, this would be the one morning when his patience might be rewarded. And so, he found himself staring out at the ocean, seemingly like every other elf around him, even though he was nothing of the kind.

Yes, he had the same dark skin and pointed ears, and many of the Sea Elves had silver hair instead of white. Even the bow slung over his shoulder and the long hunting knife at his waist didn’t mark him as unusual.

It was his eyes that gave him away. Continue reading →

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