Celebrating 10 years of Lasniniar, plus a new Fatal Empire novel

So October just sort of blew by, and I suddenly realized two things: I had forgotten to blog about the new Fatal Empire novel I had released, and the World of Lasniniar had turned 10! (It seriously doesn’t feel like it’s been that long.) Anyway, here I am with an update on Fatal Empire, plus a deal on the first three novels in the Lasniniar series. Better late than never, right?

Keeper of Wisdom: Fatal Empire Book Two

This novel is twice as long as Keeper of Secrets (Book One in the series, and only short-novel length). It also picks up right where Keeper of Secrets left off so many years ago, which is good, because I left Raziel in a pretty tight spot. (Sorry, Razi!) When I first started Fatal Empire back in 2013-ish, I imagined it as a quartet of short novels. Now, I’m not sure how long the series will end up being, since the story has shifted between when I first planned it and where I am today, but there will be at least one more core novel after Keeper of Wisdom, and possibly a few more shorts. I also plan on writing them sooner, rather than later, so I don’t end up with another long gap between releases.

Keeper of Wisdom Fatal Empire cover

Keeper of Wisdom Description:

Some memories, you can never outrun. The blood on my hands, the ringing shouts on the air, the sound of booted feet pelting against the cobblestones somewhere on the twisting streets behind me…

I knew in that moment, my life had changed forever.

But with my one true friend abducted, and nowhere to run, the blood on my hands soon became only the first of my problems…

Reunite with goddess-sworn assassin apprentice Raziel as he navigates a world of treacherous magic and intrigue in this second novel in the Fatal Empire fantasy series by the author of the World of Lasniniar series, Jacquelyn Smith.

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Celebrating 10 years of Lasniniar: Save 50% on the first 3 novels!

Waaay back in October of 2011, I released Soul Seeker, which was the first novel I ever wrote in the World of Lasniniar series. In the years since, Lasniniar has expanded in all directions (forward, backward, and sideways) with various novels and shorts, including two novels that were originally dubbed prequels to Soul Seeker when they were first released–Light Chasers and Kinslayer. In more recent years, I’ve re-jigged the series numbering (because it was really weird and confusing to have a Book 0 and a Book 0.75), and Soul Seeker became Book 3.

So to celebrate Lasniniar turning 10, I’m offering 50% off all three of the earliest novels in the series, when you buy the ebooks directly from me with code Celebrate10. This offer runs until November 15th. Just click any of the covers of the books below and select one of the ‘Buy Direct from Jacquelyn’ options on the book’s detail page to get started. (If you have any questions, you can check out the Direct Purchase FAQ.)

Light Chasers Lasniniar cover Kinslayer Lasniniar cover Soul Seeker Lasniniar cover

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