Legends of Lasniniar: Adventure Takes a Holiday

Series: Lasniniar | Length: Short Story

Legends of Lasniniar Adventure Takes a Holiday coverBarlo lumbers through the snow along a narrow mountain path. A substantial trail follows in the dwarf’s wake.

Iarion leads the way. His light, elven feet barely make an impression in the snow. Barlo would like to blame his pulled groin for his own awkwardness, but he knows Iarion would never let him get away with it.

As night falls, a storm closes in.

…Definitely not the holiday Barlo hoped for.

A stand-alone misadventure story of the unlikely friends Iarion and Barlo from the World of Lasniniar epic fantasy series by award-winning author, Jacquelyn Smith.

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This title is also available as part of the Kinslayer Lasniniar Collection.

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