Legends of Lasniniar: A Close Shave

Series: Lasniniar | Length: Short Story

Legends of Lasniniar A Close Shave coverA cold welcome in Dwarvenhome. Even after a few years as Barlo’s friend, Iarion still feels like an intruder in the underground city.

The dwarves’ usual wariness toward elves does not bother him. But Iarion senses something more at work. All of the dwarves seem on edge. Barlo included.

And when Iarion learns the real reason behind the rising tensions, he knows he has his work cut out for him.

A stand-alone story of friendship, beards, and magic from the World of Lasniniar epic fantasy series by award-winning author, Jacquelyn Smith.

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This title is also available as part of the Legends of Lasniniar Legacy Hunter Collection.

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