Legends of Lasniniar: Father Solstice

Series: Lasniniar | Length: Short Novel

Legends of Lasniniar Father Solstice coverA Solstice tradition in the making. Barlo and Iarion return to the human city of Nal Huraseadro for the holiday.

This time, Barlo’s nagging guesses about his Solstice gift must wait. Both he and his elf friend plan to find something under ten silvers within the city itself as a challenge.

They arrive to find things changed since their last visit. But some things stay the same. Nothing can stop the pair of friends from finding trouble.

…Even on Solstice Eve.

A fun, holiday short novel from the World of Lasniniar fantasy series and a follow-up to “Legends of Lasniniar: A Solstice Tale” by award-winning author, Jacquelyn Smith.

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This title is also available as part of the Solstice Celebration Legends of Lasniniar Holiday Collection.

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