Legends of Lasniniar: Shipwrecked

Series: Lasniniar | Length: Short Story

Legends of Lasniniar Shipwrecked coverFeoandir fights to maintain control of his ship in the midst of a magical maelstrom. The lives of his fellow elf passengers and crew depend on him—a mishmash of the various tribes flung together under dire circumstances.

Striking and opinionated, Silvariel suffers no fools. She knows someone must take charge to keep the elves united. Someone willing to listen to her advice and ready to take the blame if things go from bad to worse. Feoandir seems like the perfect choice.

…If she can convince him to take responsibility for more than his battered ship.

A stand-alone, meet cute story from the elves’ past, “Legends of Lasniniar: Shipwrecked” explores the origins of the Lost Elves in the World of Lasniniar epic fantasy series by award-winning author, Jacquelyn Smith.

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This title is also available as part of the Storm Rider Lasniniar Collection.

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